Episode Description


If Princess Michelle was able to finish her law degree, she might one day be able to rely on her credentials, and not just her credit, to get what she wants out of life.  Behind the glitter of a privileged life, Michelle’s finances are a sobering sight. Her collection of designer clothing, shoes, accessories and her $80,000 vehicle – a gift from her parents – belies her meagre part time income and the almost $40,000 in debt that keeps her from moving forward with her goals. Michelle’s frustrated family has had enough; everyone agrees that it’s time for Michelle to grow up.

Enter Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Financial Expert and host. Gail challenges Michelle to get a job and work toward self-sufficiency, a task she’s never before had to face from the comfort of her parents’ home.  Will Gail convince Michelle to define herself by the woman she is on the inside, rather than the brands she sports on the outside?

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