Episode Description


Princess Lee is a poised, sophisticated and single 33 year-old woman living in the heart of a high end shopping district. As a beauty adviser at an up market department store, she has acclimatized herself to her posh surroundings. Lee is not just brand name, she’s designer-exclusive. Costly medi-spa treatments, $18 cocktails, $200 meals and $800 shoes are the norm for this retail clerk and it’s led her to more than $17,000 worth of debt with only a closet full of shoes and clothes to show for it.

Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade reveals this the truth of Lee’s financial situation to her parents – who are in for a big surprise since they bailed Lee out just four years ago. With the family committed to cutting her off, Gail tries to teach Lee that only fools spend money they haven’t earned yet on trying to maintain an image that is all a façade. This princess says she wants to change, but is she ready to cut back on her luxurious lifestyle?

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