Episode Description


Princess Kezia wants to lead the glamorous life of a princess on the salary of a pauper. The 24 year-old spoiled make-up artist owes credit card companies, relatives and her boyfriend over $20, 000 and not only feels entitled the money, but has no intention of ever paying them back. Kezia has been living on someone else’s dime for a long time, but now the party’s over.

While Kezia’s out of work, she still manages to spend over ten times her unemployment insurance payments. Now, its financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s mission is to put a stop to this. Kezia’s mom, Sherry, knows she’s been her enabler for too long, and she wants Gail to give her daughter a shake-up to wake her up to reality before she bankrupts the family and loses her boyfriend. This is a rude awaking for Kezia and she’ll have to be serious about changing if she wants a debt and financial stress-free life.

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