Episode Description


Jennifer is a Princess without a castle. Almost 30 years old, Jennifer has tons of make up, bags and clothes but has also found herself virtually homeless on more than one occasion. After being evicted from her apartment, Jennifer lived with her best friend, Jody. Jody’s husband and baby, sleeping on the couch, and even moved with the family when they bought a house. As a dental technician, Jennifer has the potential to earn a very good salary, but her flighty ways have led to quit more than one job with no notice, walking out the door with not a thought to her financial obligations, which include thousands of dollars in student loans and credit card debt.

Jennifer’s family loves her and will do anything to support her – including going into debt themselves to insure that Jennifer gets the things she wants. To kick start this apathetic princess into action, financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade will have to challenge Jennifer to develop a work ethic that so far has been completely absent.

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