Episode Description


Princess Corrinne is a party girl with decadent taste. Designer shoes on her feet, high end handbags on her arm and gourmet food in her stomach keep this 32 year old Customer Service Supervisor purring. Corrinne’s three year old daughter is a miniature Princess-in-training who can recite designer brand names. But behind this privileged façade is a not-so-glamorous reality. Corrinne routinely stops payment on her bills to get her hair done, and has left her mother carless, broke and heartbroken in the wake of her self-centeredness. Worse still, her unpaid condo fees might leave Corrinne and her family homeless if their condo corporation follows through on their threat to foreclose.

Corrinne’s family is financially and emotionally tapped out, and her partner Rohan is on the verge of giving up on her for good. If Corrinne doesn’t change her selfish behaviour and start acting on host Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s advice, this extravagant Princess’ world will come crashing down around her Prada-clad feet.

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