Episode Description


Princess Catyanna is a 23 year old marketing student whose favourite brand is – herself! Her larger-than-life personality is matched in size only by her sense of entitlement, and her family and friends are rapidly reaching the bottom of their wallets when it comes to this pampered Princess. Now that she’s maxed out her $5,000 student line of credit on virtually everything but tuition and books, Catyanna has no idea how she’ll be able to return to school come fall. Worse still, a texting-while-driving accident has her drowning in legal fees but she hasn’t slowed down her social schedule one bit.

Catyanna’s parents have had enough of their daughter’s oblivious attitude toward money. It’s up to financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade to teach this Princess to take responsibility for her life, right her past wrongs, and start owning up to her debt before it’s too late.

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