Episode Description


With a fiancé who adores her, Princess Ashley knows how to get what she wants. Using guilt trips, manipulation and outright lies, Ashley’s convinced her fiancé Kyle to go into debt to keep her happy – but now he’s at a breaking point. Money is the number one issue in their budding relationship. Even though Kyle is covering the living costs, food and vacations Ashley is still racking up over $1,050 of cash advances from her credit card per month to cover her wants. Either Ashley has to change or the wedding is off.

Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade gets to the root of the issue: Ashley’s spending is out of control, her dreams are unattainable and the people who love her are quickly running out of patience. With a wedding in six months Gail puts Ashley on a serious cash diet and has her fending for herself for once. Can Gail keep Ashley out of debt and on track towards a happily ever after with Kyle?

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