Last season MDLNY’s Luis headed off to Paris, leaving a vacancy on the show for one of New York’s top brokers.

Well, we’ve got good news: Luis’ spot has been filled, and the newest broker on the MDLNY block is a major babe.

Steve Gold’s a shark on the Manhattan real estate scene who sold well over $100 million in real estate last year – a number he plans to double this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about MDLNY’s newest hot shot agent:

He’s ridiculously good looking

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Did we mentioned Steve’s a total babe? He’s a suave, brooding brunette with a set of deep brown eyes that are move-in ready. He doesn’t look so bad without a shirt on, either. Is there any way we could ship him off to a nearby beach town to sell shirtless next season?

He’s a former model

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Before real estate, Steve traveled the world as a model, working for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. But he’s no “dumb model” – He has a double major in finance and marketing from NYU, where he was a member of the business honor society Beta Gamma Society and awarded the Beta Gamma Sigma Scholastic Award.

He’s buddies with Fredrik

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As one of Manhattan’s top real estate brokers, Steve has been competing with Ryan and Fredrik for years. Fredrik knew him as a baby agent and the two are longtime buddies. Ryan, on the other hand, gets off to a rocky start with Steve. Expect them to butt heads in a big way this season.

He’s single

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Sorry, fellas: Steve doesn’t play for Fredrick’s team. Teh broker was previously in a relationship with the Brazilian actress Julia Faria, but he’s now a single man and we’ll see him look for love on this season of MDLNY.

He’s got an adorable dog named Pablo

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The only thing cuter than a brooding, successful man? One with a dog. Steve checks off that box, too. How adorable is his pup, Pablo?