If you’re seeing a guy and things seem to be going well, then I’m sure it would throw you off if he – at times - mentions that other women flirt with him, booty call him, hit on him, etc. And yet, many men share these details with the leading ladies in their lives, oblivious to how much it pushes them away.

Why is he telling you this? What should you do when he shares this with you? How far is too far?

1. He needs reassurance
Though I don’t know your particular partner, there is something to be said for someone who needs to brag to his babe about other broads backing him. This is likely him needing reassurance; wanting you to see what a catch he is. He is likely boasting not to offend you, but instead, in an attempt (maybe subconsciously) to capture your undivided attention.

To be straight: boy wants his ego boosted. Sure, this isn’t the best way to go about it, but it’s not easy for men to come out and tell women they need more attention. By sharing these details, your man is  trying to show you that he’s a “hot commodity” and likely just wants you to give him some reassurance. Be sure to compliment your guy and be appreciative, so his need for attention doesn’t go outside your relationship. It’s an insecurity of his, so as his partner you need to help make him feel loved and secure.

2. He likes to push your buttons
Some men like to push buttons. It should go without saying that this isn’t healthy, in fact, it's toxic. Sometimes, when the need for power or a sense of control arises, the one closest to you likely knows just what buttons to push to get your pretty lil’ self all worked up. We all learn through reward and punishment. If he is throwing these other women in your face, instead of responding how you normally would, try responding in a different way. This will throw him off and likely stop him in his tracks. Oh and if the guy you’re dating finds a need to push your buttons, consider finding your own fan club -- one that doesn’t involve him.

3. He's oblivious
The last option in this situation is that he's just oblivious. If it bothers you when he mentions something, tell him. Say that you know he likely didn’t intend to hurt you when he said whatever it was that triggered your negative feelings, but you’re feeling down and that information doesn’t make you feel good.

I mean if all these girls are stroking your man's…ego, then what is he doing to make them think that they can? He is likely playing a role in it, whether it be leading them on or otherwise, which is absolutely concerning. Let him know that hearing about these situations – and him even being involved in them in the first place – bothers you, and then offer a solution. Whether the solution is for him to be more aware of the impression he gives other women, or to not share this information with you, is your call. Just make sure you have a conversation about it, as opposed to just demanding he do what you say.

Jen Kirsch is a relationship expert, columnist and blogger. For quick tips and tricks, follow her on Twitter @jen_kirsch. Read her posts every Tuesday on Slice.ca.