Zac Efron has admitted that he dabbled in Tinder but no one would swipe right for him. Is it because ladies figured he's as douchey as his Neighbors character looks? Can't get past his High School Musical Troy days? Or, like he believes (and is most likely the case), gals simply didn't believe it was him.

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Perhaps Efron should stick to another dating site, a secret dating site that celebs use because it's that exclusive. It's called Raya but you probably haven't heard of it. Because it's that low-pro. Unless you're so high profile that it's simply what you're used to. But maybe we've said too much and need to shut our face because, shhh. No one talks about the so-called Tinder for Illuminati.

Raya has been around for over a year and it's built to connect "creative types." While anyone can dub themselves "creative" (um, we string together words and make them into hopefully interesting sentences, does that count?), the app conveniently seems to serve the most beautiful of singles who also happen to have thousands upon thousands of Instagram followers.

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It's no joke. In order to even be considered in the realm of Raya-worthy, one has to meet the app's requirements. According to its description, the app — which obviously isn't free — uses a secret algorithm to weed out the unsavory types. Potential users fill out an application using their Instagram account and membership is determined by their overall Insta influence, mutual connections with other Raya members, and recommendations from other Raya-ers doesn't hurt. Once that's calculated, an anonymous selection committee looks at your entire profile and makes the decision on whether you're in or you're a loser (basically).

What else? A pet unicorn and a winning lottery ticket in your pocket? Because, honestly, Raya's asking a lot. Which is kind of the point, we suppose. To keep it as restrictive as possible. Because they don't want just any Tom, Dick or Plenty of Fishermen joining. That ruins its main selling point: its exclusivity.

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Some stars you might catch on the app? Sharon Stone, Matthew Perry, Kelly Osbourne, John Cusack, Joe Jonas, and Raven-Simoné, just to name a few.

Of course, some might argue that celebs don't need a dating app to meet new people and wonder what's the point of being rich and famous if they still have to go on the Internet to find dates. But despite what we believe, some stars really are just like us regular folks and want to find love and happiness. And that doesn't necessarily always happen, especially in Hollyweird, the town of tinsel where you bump into anyone at anytime, salivating for five precious minutes.

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