Intervention Canada

Intervention Canada

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Candace is a 23-year-old mother who is addicted to cocaine and opiates. Raised in Northern Ontario by a single mother also struggling with addiction, Candace grew up immersed in the drug culture. When she was 14, her father, whom she adored, died suddenly just as she was preparing to move in with him.  The devastating loss triggered an extended binge of substance abuse, which included using opiates with her mother while still in her teens.  As her grandparents care for her young daughter, Candace continues to spin out of control on a combination of cocaine and morphine in the company of the drug-addicted father of her child. Candace’s addiction has destroyed her ability to be a mother. Her family believes an intervention is the only way to get her back and secure a future for her young daughter.

Interventionist: Andrew Galloway

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