Hottest Fitness Trends 2014

Here are my 2014 fitness trend predictions. Which ones have you already tried and which ones do you plan on trying? Leave a comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

High intensity interval training (HIIT)
HIIT workouts are growing strong. It’s not surprising when you get to cut your workout time to 30 minutes or less and get results. In exchange for time, you need to  full power. HIIT classes (including CrossFit) are popping up everywhere from big box gyms to small boutiques and even outdoors. Look out for classes listed as HIIT that are more than 30 minutes long; a proper HIIT session should smash you in under 30 minutes.

Express classes
Short 30- to 45-minute classes designed to give you a complete workout without usurping all your free time. These tend to be less intense than a HIIT session, yet challenging. They also allow you to squeeze in two types of workouts into one hour. So rather than do an hour-long cardio class, you can take two express classes back to back, 30 minutes of cardio with 30 minutes of core training or yoga. Mix and match express classes to suit your time and fitness needs. Try classes like Les Mills’ CXWORX™ and Express BODYATTACK™ or try a yoga and indoor cycling combination class like Spynga®.

Online "gym" memberships
Instead of joining a gym, you can join an online fitness centre. For a monthly fee, you get access to fitness classes via video streaming or downloads and even live classes and one-on-one fitness and nutrition consultations. You can log in from several types of devices and workout wherever you are--even abroad--anytime you can. Just be sure to manage your time and fit in your sessions. Try Crunch Live or My Yoga Online. Try before you buy registering for free trial offers or special introductory rates.

Obstacle courses and runs
Parkour, military, zombie, mud and other themed obstacle courses continue to flourish, as are runs (short, medium and long). Even though each one typically only comes around once a year, they give you a goal to work towards. You can also register for more than one type. Toughen up and prepare to get dirty.

Fitness apps
There are so many apps available these days, it’s hard to keep up. From workouts (like Nike Training Club) to self-monitoring and tracking (My Fitness Pal) to running to nutrition, everything you need is at your fingertips (literally).

Office wellness
More businesses are offering on-site classes and building on-site gyms to boost employee health, wellness and productivity. There’s also a rise in co-worker fitness groups and clubs forming. Colleagues heading out to the gym together at lunch, or taking a walk on their break or creating teams to join local, leisure, sport leagues like volleyball or basketball. Given the amount of hours most people spend working (inside and outside the office), incorporating exercise into a workday is great way to build a strong workplace community and boost productivity.

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