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You’re pretty good when it comes to wearing sunscreen. You put it on daily and reapply, but sometimes we can rush and we don’t apply enough or miss certain spots and before you realize it, your skin is sunburned. Next time you're heading to the beach (or out for a walk on a sunny day), pay extra attention to these commonly missed body parts.

The tops of your ears: Perhaps you’re so focused on giving your face a good slathering of lotion that your ears get neglected. Or if you have longer hair, it’s easy to forget the tops of your earlobes because they’re covered by a sheath of your hair.

The back of your knees and calves: We’re all in shorts and skirts most of the summer, and the backs of your legs get a lot of UV exposure, and while you spray or rub on lotion, it’s natural for us to lean forward to apply, which means the front of our legs get most of the SPF attention.

Your feet: Perhaps you don’t want a slightly greasy feel on your feet that sand can stick to, but the skin on your feet is just as susceptible to sunburn as any other skin on your body. Besides, you can minimize awkward tan lines from your flip flops and strappy summer footwear when you apply sunscreen to your feet regularly.

Your hands: You’re so busy using your hands to apply sunscreen that you may forget to apply some to your hands themselves. While some SPF will remain on them if you’ve been applying an SPF lotion, most of it will be on your palms and as time goes on, you can look forward to age spots on them. Consider, too, how much exposure your hands get to the sun—most of us are not wearing gloves in the heat of the summer!

Your scalp: Despite what you may think, your hair doesn’t protect your scalp from the sun’s rays. They can find a way to reach your scalp. If you’re thinning or balding, or even simply have an obvious part in your hair, you’ve likely had the unfortunate experience of a sunburn on your delicate scalp. If you’re fearful of an SPF making your hair a soggy, greasy mess, experiment with different brands and lighter formats, such as gel or a spray, to give your head the protection it needs.

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