Handsome Devils

Handsome Devils

Episode Description

Hurricane Love

French Quarter, New Orleans, 2005.  

Beautiful 29-year old bartender Addie Hall falls in love with Iraq veteran Zack Bowen. When Hurricane Katrina hits the city, Addie and Zack stay put. They survive the devastation, loving the new found freedom they experience in the ruined city.  But when the excitement fades, their passionate relationship turns violent. Addie pulls the plug after Zack has an affair, and she kicks him out of their shared apartment. Zack loses it. He strangles Addie before decapitating her and scattering the parts in pots and pans around the kitchen. Overwhelming guilt soon catches up with him. After a 5-day binge on drink and drugs, Zack leaps to his death from a hotel roof.

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