Handsome Devils

Handsome Devils

About Handsome Devils

You’ve met the man of your dreams – he’s charming, funny, handsome, everything you’ve ever dreamed of... but what you don’t know is that he will soon become your worst nightmare...

Handsome Devils  is a brand new crime series about real life lady-killers – men who’ll have you on top of the world one minute and six feet under the next. Jam-packed with suspense, this gripping series tells true stories of fatal attractions, proving looks really can kill...

We all know the type – charismatic, good-looking, hard to resist. Her head says avoid - yet her heart wins the day. She thinks she’s met George Clooney, but scratch the surface and he’s Hannibal Lecter.

Fresh, absorbing and intense – this provocative series showcases real-life stories of the seemingly loveable yet ruthless men who boast irresistible good looks and ooze charm and sophistication – but deep down are ugly, cold-blooded criminals.

Profiling these psychopaths from the first time they meet their victim to their eventual arrest – we discover vicious predators who use charm and looks as camouflage.

Told through five main narrative beats, every episode is full of more twists and turns than a James Patterson novel, luring viewers into a false sense of security, before surprising them with jaw-dropping OMG action that will have them shouting at the TV.