Flipping Out

Flipping Out
  • Jeff Lewis
    Jeff Lewis
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    Jeff Lewis is widely regarded as America’s most well-known house flipper.

    Throughout his career, Lewis has created a brand of properties that are in harmony with and are exemplified by exterior and interior design. With over 20+ years of experience renovating his own homes, Lewis formed Jeff Lewis Design. Within a gear of starting the company, House Beautiful tapped Lewis to design their 2010 Kitchen of the Year in famed Rockefeller Center.

    In addition to his own flips and client's projects, Lewis has expanded his portfolio and brand. In 2013, he launched Jeff Lewis Paint, which features a coordinated palette of hand-created colors and has since debuted Jeff Lewis Rugs, Jeff Lewis Tile, and Jeff Lewis Barn Door collections, all available through an exclusive partnership with HomeDepot.com. Close
  • Jenni Pulos
    Jenni Pulos
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    Jenni Pulos was a Greek-American working actress, writer, and rapper in Los Angeles when one of her part-time jobs as Executive Assistant to Jeff Lewis became Bravo’s Emmy-nominated hit Flipping Out.

    Before Executive Producing and appearing on Flipping Out, she was a Showtime At The Apollo winning rapper. Jenni co-wrote and raps the theme song for Bravo’s wildly successful show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. In March 2014, Jenni's comedy memoir-advice book revealing from earliest memory her desire to be an entertainer, Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way was published by St. Martin's Press and received rave reviews. Her popular children’s rap album, Old School Kids Beats, was released in April 2014 in partnership with Toys ‘R Us and is available on iTunes. Its standout hit "Poo In The Potty" became a music video. 

    She continues performing, creating and developing television shows and working on her second kids' album, as well as an animated children's series. Jenni’s charity work continues with five years as a volunteer MC with the Miss You Can Do It Pageant as well as events with American Cancer Society, Lupus LA, and an upcoming Rebuilding Together Omaha event for low-income housing.

    n 2012, Jenni wed Dr. Jonathan Nassos, an orthopedic surgeon currently practicing in Los Angeles. Together they welcomed their first child, Alianna Marika, in June 2013. In 2014, in an episode of Flipping Out, Alianna’s birth was highlighted and resulted in a Primetime Emmy nomination for the show. Very public about her problems with conception in June 2016, Jenni and her husband celebrated the birth of their miracle second daughter Georgia Grace in June of 2017. Close
  • Zoila Chavez
    Zoila Chavez
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    After raising three daughters and moving to California, Chavez became Jeff Lewis' weekly housekeeper. As she began to clean his house more frequently, her job status was eventually raised to "full-time." Now Chavez proves to be the rock in Lewis’ crazy world. She is never fazed by his rants and certainly is not afraid to give Jeff a little push back now and then. With the new baby in the house, Chavez has been a surrogate grandmother, looking over the little one and taking care of her while Jeff and Gage work. Close
  • Gage Edward
    Gage Edward
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    Gage manages the business affairs for Jeff Lewis, working on new business development, manufacturer and retailer relations, new and current clients, and general day-to-day business operations. Jeff and Gage are also partners and welcomed their first baby last fall. Close