When it comes to celebrities, everything is always over the top: the way they travel, their cars, their homes, their proposals (ahem, Kimye!), so it's no surprise that when Halloween rolls around, their costumes are over the top, too. Here, we round up some of the most memorable moments in celebrity Halloween history.


1. Audrina Patridge as Madonna
Sure, we dress up as celebrities for Halloween -- but is it strange for a celebrity to dress up as a celebrity? Audrina Patridge doesn't think so. In 2007, The Hills' star dressed up as the Material Girl for Hypnotiq's Halloween party.

2. Petra Nemcova as Cleopatra
Costume or red-carpet gown? Supermodel Petra Nemcova looked stunning as Cleopatra at Roberto Cavalli Vodka and Giuseppe Cipriani's Halloween party in 2007.

3. Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy
From Wonder Woman to a fabulous '20s flapper girl, Kim Kardashian's Halloween costumes never disappoint. But her Poison Ivy costume at the 2007 Midori Green Halloween party put all the rest to shame.


4. Shenae Grimes as Monster High's Frankie Stein
Barely recognizable in her Halloween costume, Shenae Grimes committed to transforming herself into this fictional tween character. From head to toe, she looked like she walked straight out of the toy aisle.

5. Teri Hatcher as Queen of Hearts 
We're big believers in dressing up for Halloween, but even more so when the dressing up is for charity. Teri Hatcher pulled out all the stops for her Queen of Hearts costume at the Under the Big Top benefit (which raises money for children affected by AIDS). Talk about a queen with a big heart.

6. Heidi Klum as Betty Boop
Known for her amazing annual Halloween parties (and costumes!), Heidi Klum wowed her crowd as Betty Boop at her third party. With a little extra padding under her slim-fitting red dress, we're sure the model and mom inspired a resurgence in popularity of the '30s cartoon character.

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Image credits:Shenae Grimes, Heidi Klum, Audrina Patridge: Getty images; Teri Hatcher: Photo by KAZDEN/ADC/KEYSTONE Press © Copyright 2007 by ADC; Kim Kardashian: ©ZUMAPRESS.com/Keystone Press; Petra Nemcova: Photo by Bill Lyons/AdMedia/KEYSTONE Press © Copyright 2007 by AdMedia.