First Day of School Main

As a parent, when your child starts school for the first time (the first time!), you're filled with a hundred emotions--from pride to fear.  While you can't hold their hand every step of the way, there are a few important things that children everywhere should know on this momentous day–and every day that follows.

Be yourself.
You go with your pulled-up knee socks, mismatched outfits and carefully chosen barrettes–with every colour of the rainbow represented. There will come a day when you want what your friends have but hopefully that day is far, far away.

Don’t use the bathrooms!
Of course that's a joke (or is it?) because we all know enforcing strict rules around bathroom-usage can lead to larger issues, but have you seen those things? Yuck. Just beware of the seat--and try not to sit on it.

Ask ALL of your questions.
All those questions you ask your parents? Like if it hurts electricity to be turned off? Ask your teacher! That’s what school is for and let’s face it, they probably have better answers than we do.

You’re strong. Don’t forget that.
You are many, many, many things. Sweet, intelligent, inquisitive and strong are top-of-mind but there will be days that someone is mean to you or you’re tired and just wish you were at home. Take a deep breath and move on; tomorrow is a new day.

Take risks.
But always be true to yourself. Just because someone else is jumping off the top of the slide, doesn’t mean you have to. Only do what you feel comfortable with, but pushing yourself a little can be good for you, too.

It’s OK to make mistakes.
You come from a long line of people who hate making mistakes, so you get it honestly. But the sooner you learn that everyone–seriously, everyone!–makes them, the better. Try not to dwell and instead keep at it.

Please wash your hands.
Like a lot. Those JK classrooms are giant petri dishes of germs, so please, PLEASE wash your hands otherwise your house will be in full-on quarantine mode until spring.

You are SO ready for this.
You were born ready for new challenges. And this next one is incredibly exciting. Hopefully you make lifelong friends like Mom has, find your passion and continue to grow into a not-so-tiny human (though not too quickly please).

(But first, someone please pass the tissue.)

Ashley Bennion headshotAshley Bennion is a lifestyle and parenting writer, Mom to two little ones and has an honest, tell-it-like-it-is parenting mantra. Because if you can’t laugh about the grocery store tantrum, you’ll cry and she’d rather laugh. And then have a glass of wine.