Extreme Collectors

Extreme Collectors
  • Andrew Zegers
    Andrew Zegers

    A professional appraiser with a sharp eye and 30 years of experience, Andrew started collecting as an eight-year-old boy. He sold his first collection at the age of 19.

    Three months before he started this business, he was living in his Toyota. The contents of his last apartment--that he had been evicted from for not paying his rent because he was unemployed--were stored in a friend's garage. He spent three months living in his car, shot pool and played video games to get enough money to run the car when he could, and lived hand to mouth.

    Ad a kid he collected antique bottles and things he found in old dumps for free. Fast forward through moving out of his car, leaving Montreal, moving to Toronto, and arriving with $36 in his pocket and the car on empty. Two weeks later, he set up a flea market and between 8am and noon he sold $1,200. From that moment on he has never looked back.