About Emergency

Often heart-wrenching, sometimes humorous, and always emotionally involving, the new documentary series Emergency gives viewers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to two of Canada’s busiest hospital emergency rooms, while offering an intimate look at the lives of actual patients and medical staff who face life and death every day.

Narrated by award-winning musician and best-selling author Jann Arden, each episode interweaves the personal stories of three patients, each facing their own harrowing medical emergency. With a heart-felt focus on relationships, viewers get to understand the patients on a personal level – getting to know their  loved ones, their hopes, their fears, and just how this trip to the ER could impact their future.

Viewers also get to track the relationships between patients and the medical staff who work tirelessly to unravel the mysterious illness or injury that brought the patient to the ER.

Spend 24 hours in one of the busiest hospitals in Vancouver!