Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

Episode Description

Sabrina, Michelle & Jessica

The day begins with Renee receiving a new shipment of designer wedding gowns from Italy and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, her first bride is none other than Italian socialite, Sabrina Parisi.

Sabrina and her eccentric group of friends are quick to announce that this wedding is going to be as unconventional as the bride-to-be. Not only do her wedding plans include a camel ride to meet her groom, she also plans to kite surf into the sunset after the ceremony and needs a unique dress that will help her realize her vision. Unfortunately, her extremely high dress budget proves to be no match for her even higher expectations, so after trying on countless dresses Sabrina decides to book another appointment.
Meanwhile bride Michelle is finally planning the wedding of her dreams now that she and her husband have a booming business, however finding a dress that brings her mother tears of joy proves to be a very trying experience but stylist Jessica saves the sale by pulling a gown that is a hit with the entire family.

The day ends with the fabulous mother-of-the-bride Sherri, who is ecstatic she found a gown that’s sure to steal a bit of spotlight from her daughter that she celebrates by dancing the “wobble” and even teaches Renee some hot new moves!

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