Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

Episode Description

Punk Bride Christine

While Renée waits for a big wedding gown shipment to arrive- she is surprised by a male fan- all the way from Italy! He wants an autographed picture of Renée to bring to his girlfriend back home who is also a huge fan. Renée couldn’t be happier to sign and like any true business woman she tells her new friend to come back when he and his girlfriend decide to get married.

Later, Renée is surprised a second time, this time by her first bride of the day, Christine and her fiancé, Damian.  Christine (a purple-haired pin up model who is covered in tattoos) and Damian (a lead singer in a punk band) definitely are not Renée’s typical Beverly Hills’ clientele.  Regardless, this couple wants a traditional wedding and a traditional gown to match. Trouble is Christine falls in love with a dress that is more than 3 times her budget…Will Renée will cut her a deal?

Meanwhile, typical Beverly Hills’ bride, Ariella wants to show it all off on her wedding day with a very tight and revealing wedding gown. Unfortunately, her southern belle mom, Kathleen wants her baby girl to find a conservative dress and since she’s paying it, she demands the final say! 

Before the day ends Renée is greeted by a familiar face. It’s a bride from Season One who’s back with her wedding dress and an unusual request…

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