Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

Episode Description

Linda Hogan & Tati

Out with the old and in with the new! After 30 years at the same bridal shop location, Renée Strauss closes the doors to her old salon and opens the doors to her brand new bridal salon that’s lavishly designed to serve the most discerning Brides of Beverly Hills. This emotional experience for Renee is accompanied by none other than Renée’s best friend, celebrity florist Kevin Lee, who is quick to say that Renée’s new salon is truly FABULOUS! Renée introduces her team of stylists to the new kid in town Jessica, who is quick to announce she is going to give Sharaé (Renée’s top selling stylist) a run for her money.

The first bride of the day is eccentric reality TV star, Linda Hogan who is engaged to Charlie- a ‘man’ almost half her age!  Renée really wants to dress Linda on her big day- so she couriers a beautiful wedding gown to her home to coax her into keeping her appointment. True to her word, Linda arrives with her family and friends to try on even more wedding dresses but soon reveals a shocking secret that that ultimately delays the purchase of a gown she has fallen in love with. Meanwhile, youtube’s celebrity beauty guru, Tati has a fairytale romance and a big budget to help her find the perfect princess dress to accompany her unique and utterly romantic marriage proposal and wedding.

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