Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

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Limo Bob

While Renée prepares for another busy day in the salon she is surprised by an unexpected packaged delivered right to her desk. Inside she finds a book titled “How to get a Rich Man” and a note that reads “I’ll see you later” signed Donna Spangler. Lucky for Renée she’s already scored a wealthy man and there’s no time to read, her first appointment is said to be arriving any minute.

Renée steps outside just in time to see a large black limousine with red and yellow flames pull up to her store. Out steps Limo Bob, an eccentric limousine mogul who adorns himself with 33 pounds of gold jewelry and his body guard, Tank.  Limo Bob’s fiancée, Christi arrives just moments later in a luxurious white limousine fit for a bride. Talk about making an entrance!

In order to stand out next to Limo Bob on her wedding day Christi wants a gown with lots and lots of “bling” and sparkle. This proves to be a very tall order as Christi is sent back dress after dress to find something with “more bling”.  Just as Renée wonders if she’ll ever find a dress that will stand up to Limo Bob, she comes up with an idea that makes everyone smile - especially Christi!

True to her word, author and fitness guru Donna Spangler arrives with her best friend Belle, a former Baywatch actress.  Belle’s set to renew her wedding vows at Donna’s Beverly Hills’ Estate and is looking for a sleek, sexy dress with old Hollywood glamour to showcase her assets. In the end, Belle falls in love with a gown and the wedding dress shopping experience so much so, she decides to renew her marriage vows every year!

Meanwhile, bride Alison is back for her very first dress fitting. She is planning on losing even more weight before her big day and demands her dress be made tighter, tighter and tighter! Will Renée and her tailor, Avo be able to reason with this unrelenting bride?

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