Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

Episode Description

Daniela Dea

When Hollywood’s most famous body double, Shelley Michelle, walks into Renée’s salon wearing nothing but lingerie Renée can hardly believe her eyes! Her best friend Daniela has a bridal appointment with Renee and so she’s decided to come a bit early and show off her sexy new line.  It all starts to make sense when Shelley comes clean with her agenda and asks Renée if she’ll feature her lingerie in the salon as honeymoon apparel…Oh Vey!

Shelley’s friend Daniela is a beautiful blonde with a big personality, big budget and an even bigger bust line. Every wedding gown she tries on looks absolutely stunning, trouble is her friend, Bianca, who she’s also brought along for advice, seems to find something wrong with every single dress. Will Bianca get in the way of Daniela finding her dream gown?

Meanwhile, Reality TV Chef Jennifer Behm is also in the market for a wedding dress for her upcoming marriage to a fellow chef. With her she brings her best friend and her parents, who have been divorced for years. Is this a recipe for disaster?

On the other side of the salon, stylist Kelsey has her hands full with flamboyant gay couple, Josh and Luis. They plan on making their partnership official and have brought Josh’s mother along to find the ultimate “stylish” dress to celebrate their nuptials.  In this group, however, everyone has an opinion on what constitutes as “stylish” and unfortunately they’re all very different…

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