Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

Episode Description

Dana Hamm

The day starts off emotional for Renée when she notices the special chair she made for her best friend (celebrity florist) Kevin Lee, is empty- again.  Kevin hasn’t made an appearance in weeks now and Renée is beginning to feel like he no longer has time for her.

When Renée finds out her first bride of the day, Dana Hamm is a model she decides to check her out online. To Renée’s surprise, the sexy, Dana Hamm has a remarkable resemblance to Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie. How exciting!

When the sexy bride Dana arrives with her she has her two best friends and her ‘emotional support dog’, Bonkee who she never leaves home without. Trouble is, Bonkee, goes completely bonkers when Dana is out of his sight which causes bridal stylist, Sharaé to break one of Renée’s biggest wedding dress rules… 
Meanwhile a young, widowed bride Zara, who lost her husband in a tragic accident, shops for her wedding dress with her deceased husband’s family and her Armenian wedding dance choreographer. Luckily, Zara has found true love for the second time and now needs to find a wedding dress that she loves and can dance the night away in. Will Zara find a gown that makes her feel like a princess and is also “100% Armenian dance proof”?

Before the day ends Renée receives a FABULOUS surprise! After several weeks of being away on business, Kevin Lee drops in with beautiful fresh cut flowers and lots of kisses to tell her he misses her. In the end, everyone leaves with smiles but no ones is bigger than Renée’s!

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