Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills

Episode Description

Carla Harris, Ilnaz & Aleksandra

Renée Strauss meets her first bride of they day at a fancy nail salon in Beverly Hills that is frequented by the areas most elite women. Here, Renée runs into her big-haired and eccentric friend Carla, who informs her that she and her much older husband John, have decided to renew their vows. Renée jumps at the chance to make a sale and leaves the nail salon with a perfect manicure and a new bridal appointment!

Carla brings her mom, her equally eccentric husband John and her ex-husband Jeffery into Renee’s to help her choose a beautiful wedding gown.  Only in Beverly Hills! Confusion and some hilarity ensues when stylist Jessica mistakes Carla’s ex husband as  her current husband the much older groom as her father! But everyone is pleased, especially Renée, when Carla falls madly in love all over again and purchases not one but two wedding dresses!

Meanwhile, things are heating up on the other side of the salon as a divorced couple tries to come together for the first time in years to help their beloved daughter Ilnaz choose her dream wedding gown.  It doesn’t take long to realize that the love this couple feels for their daughter is no match for the resentment they feel towards each other-- as they take their places on opposite ends of the couch.  Luckily, everyone leaves with a smile when bride Ilnaz finds a wedding gown fit for a Persian princess.

But before the day ends Renée meets panicked bride Aleksandra, who is getting married in two short weeks. Aleksandra was forced to buy “off the rack” when she lost a significant deposit to a shady dress designer and unfortunately her dress is 4 sizes too big. Will Renée be able to help her in time for her big day?

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