We've all had our expensive technology jacked at one point or another -- that's pretty much a rite of passage in this sticky-fingered society of ours. A year ago I was on a Greyhound-style bus traveling from Belgium to France and some Euro-dude pickpocketed my iPhone. The nerve, I say!

Admittedly, some forms of thievery are more intriguing than others. Exhibit A: the theft of the GoPro video camera that snapped the footage below. Mostly because a g-darn seagull was the one who made off with it -- while it was still in 'record' mode. What you gotta be that way, seagull?

Anyhow, the end result is the ensuing footage you're about to see. It's kinda crazy, and would probably be great viz for a music video by some indie hipster band we'd all end up hating.