Quick geography lesson for you: Aoshima is an island located in Miyazaki, Japan. Population: 22. It's 11 acres in size, and is home to the Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden (containing 400 species of subtropical plants), and the Aoshima Shrine, a Shinto monument dedicated to Hoori, Otohime and Shiotsuchi-no-oji.

Nobody talks about those things, mind you. Because as beautiful as the Botanical Garden and shrine may be, they simply can't compete with the fact Aoshima is overrun with cats. 120 of them, if you  want to get specific. A small number were initially brought in to get rid of the island's mouse population. And, well, problem solved, we suppose. Of course, cats, like many species, tend to reproduce, which brings us to where we are now.

Fortunately, tourists regularly visit Cat Island (as it's been dubbed) to provide food and clean water for the gaggle of kitties -- so fear not, they're doing fine. Check out the video below for the whole story.

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