At the end of Fast & Furious 6, a lengthy legal disclaimer flashes across the screen informing the audience that the stunts performed in the film were done by professional stunt drivers on closed courses and should not be attempted in the real world. At the screening I attended, the audience seemed to find this extremely amusing. In fact, the audience seemed to regard this as the comedic high-point of the movie—even funnier than the scene where Ludacris and The Rock convince the pretentious British dandy to take off his shirt and pants. The idea that anyone would even think to attempt the stunts in the movie was apparently just that absurd.

But is it really that absurd? Here's proof that at least one person saw the disclaimer and interpreted it as a challenge rather than a warning. Surprisingly, the driver actually manages to pull off the stunt.

Let's hope that Fast & Furious 7 mostly focuses on Vin Diesel and the gang racing in Segways in styrofoam suits, otherwise these copycats could end up causing a lot of damage.