In the animal kingdom, more of something can be awesome. Stick a few hundred humans in a warehouse? You've got yourself a party, bro. Lake brimming with wide-mouth bass? Break out the rod n' reel and have at 'er! Heck, one time at a breeder's farm, I hung out in a room filled with Siberian husky puppies, which was pretty much the most mind-crushingly adorable thing ever.

On certain occasions, mind you, things get a little, um, "off" when large numbers of animals congregate. Case in point, the geese in this video. There are a million of them loafing around on a field. That's creepy. Then they all decide to get the heck outta dodge at the exact same time. That's Hitchcock-level creepy.

Plus, don't get me started on the poop. Dear Lord, the poop.