My parents used to take me to flea markets as a kid. It was pretty fun: my brother and I would run around to the different stands and kiosks, soaking up the folksy wares being peddled by local merchants (most of it was crap, but hey, that's part of the charm).

Emi Sunshine -- aka The girl in this video -- is the same age I was when my flea market experiences began. And as much as I hate to say it, she's far more fascinating than I was back in those days. Several reasons for this: 1) she's adorable. 2) She's dressed like a tiny flea market blues singer. 3) She IS a tiny flea market blues singer.

Which explains how a jaw-dropping impromptu performance like this can break out when she's around. Prepare to have your mind blown and your heart melted. In that order.

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