Last week, we here at BreakTime sucker-punched your heartstrings into submission with the sweet little boxing prodigy girl. Well, not to be outdone by the ever-so-slightly younger versions of ourselves, we're unveiling an even more mind-crushingly adorable kid. It's Madeleine Dubois, a cherubic tyke who's going on a train ride for her third birthday. Not just any train ride, mind you: her first one ever. And when the giant locomotive begins pulling into the station, Maddie's reaction isn't one of confusion or fear. Nope, we're talking pure unadulterated joy and awe. In the cutest possible way ever, naturally. Be warned: watching this video may prompt you to approach your own kids and ask, "why do you suck compared to this angelic little girl?" Which would be kinda mean. Unless your kids are ADD-riddle monsters, in which case they likely have it coming.