Whenever I hear about Lauren Conrad, it’s in reference to her gorgeous mane and the stylish things she does with it. The holidays give us a great excuse to experiment with new and exciting hairstyles so I thought I’d take a poke around the web to see what Ms. Conrad might do with her luscious locks for a holiday event.

It seems Lauren loves to rock the sock bun. The sock bun offers a super easy way to jazz up your holiday hairstyle – it’s an updo that can look modern or classic, dressed up or dressed down and the great thing is, all you need is an old sock. Follow these four easy steps to get Lauren Conrad’s famous, sexy sock bun updo for your winter festivities.


1. Try a little mesh bun maker (available at Amazon.com or your local beauty supply) or make your own at home. Grab an old sock in a shade that’s close to your hair colour. Cut the toe section off and discard – you will be left with a tube. Then, starting at one end fold the sock down on itself, rolling the length of the sock to create a donut shape.

2a. On day-old hair, apply a bit of texturizing cream like Sally Hershberger Wreck and Roll Texturizing Cream ($13). Then, using your fingers, gather hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head and secure with an elastic.

2b. Pull your ponytail through the opening of the donut and start wrapping the end of your hair around the donut, tucking ends underneath. Using both hands, start rolling the donut (along with your hair) down the length of your ponytail. You’ll see that your hair starts covering the sock with each roll. Split and divide your hair as you roll, making sure to evenly cover the sock as you go. Don’t worry about being too neat, this particular sock bun style looks great a little messy.

3. Once you’ve rolled all the way down to the base, tuck any loose hairs under the bun and secure with bobby pins.

4. Spritz with medium hold hairspray like Aveda Brilliant Medium Hold Hair Spray ($18) and your holiday hair is done!

The beauty of the sock bun is that it gives you so many options. You can wear it high or low, centred or off to the side, smooth or messy. You can even add some bling with a sparkly headband. However you choose to wear your sock bun, it’s such a simple yet impressive way to wear your hair this holiday season.

Louise Griew is a Toronto-born makeup artist whose second home is Melbourne, Australia. Her work can be seen in national and international advertising campaigns, magazines, music videos and on TV.


Image credit: Lauren Conrad: Jason Merritt/Getty Images