Nail Polish of the Future Nails Inc MainIf you're anything like us, you have a major mani obsession. Whether we're hitting up our favourite salon to try the newest shade or DIY-ing the latest Pinterest craze, having manicured nails is a must.

The only problem with doing it ourselves? Trying to get our right hand right (or the left if you're a lefty). Somehow it just doesn't get easier--no matter how many at-home manicures we've done on a Friday night.

Thankfully, British nail brand Nails Inc. heard our prayers and they've finally figured out an answer: spray-on polish. Nails Inc. Founder Thea Green swears the product (available spring 2016) will reduce dry time and make applying polish super simple. Just apply a base coat, spray and be on your way (after a quick hand wash, of course).

Nails Inc. is accepted pre-orders, which we'd recommend if you want to get your soon-to-be perfectly manicured mitts on a bottle.

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