If you’re itching to try a new braid after mastering the tucked dutch braid and gorgeous fishtail braid, then the five-strand braid will rock your world. Beautiful in Rapunzel-length hair, this complex-looking weave is totally doable and always super-impressive. After appearing on the NYFW runway last month, it became the hottest new hairstyle.

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Show off your hair know-how with an eye-catching five-strand braid by following these easy steps.


1. Brush damp hair and spritz a texturizer for easy hold. Try Living Proof Instant Texture Mist ($32). Divide hair into five even sections. Think of your five sections as numbered to make instructions easier; from left to right they are strands one to five.

2. Hold strands one and two in your left hand, and strands four and five in your right hand. The middle strand (number three) can just rest on its own.

3. Start with strand one; bring it over strand two and then under strand three. Grab strand three with your left hand to join strand two. Strand one now sits in the middle and becomes strand three. Tighten. Do the same thing on the other side--bring strand five over strand four, and then under strand three (the middle strand). The middle strand then joins strand four and strand five becomes the middle strand. Tighten.

4. Continue bringing the outer strands over the strand next to it and then under the middle strand. Remember, the outer strand always becomes the middle strand. Tighten as you work your way down.

5. Once you've reached the bottom, secure with an elastic.

It sounds much more complicated than it is but trust us, with a little bit of practice and patience you’ll perfect this fun and striking five-strand braid.

For an easy video lesson, check out Luxy Hair’s YouTube tutorial:


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