Wavy Hair While You Sleep

Wouldn’t you just love to wake up with beautiful beachy waves? Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, getting gorgeous waves doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t even need heat to get them (yay, no damage!). Here are four easy overnight, no-heat techniques for gorgeous wavy hair.

Twisty top-knot
Brush dry hair and apply a curl cream throughout. Try Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion ($42). Gather hair at the very top of your head as if you’re going to put it in a super high ponytail but start twisting hair tightly instead. Twist until the hair starts buckling and is wrapped around itself in a bun. Make sure to twist right to the ends of the hair. Secure with an elastic or u-shaped pins and go to sleep. In the morning, take the bun out for voluminous, wavy hair.

Elastic headband
Brush out dry hair and then spritz with sea salt spray. Try John Masters Organics Sea Salt Spray ($22). Part hair in the middle then stretch and hold an elastic headband parallel to the floor. Bring the headband down over your head so it’s on your forehead and back of the head close to the neck (like a hippie headband). Starting at your temple, take a one-inch piece of hair and wrap it over and around the section of the headband (just above the strand you’re working on). Pull snug. Join the remaining tail of that piece with the next ½ inch section and wrap. Continue joining and wrapping in sections all the way to the nape of your neck. Do the same to the other side, starting at your other temple. You should be left with two sections of hair at the base of the neck. Join them and wrap until they are all tucked away and hair is secure. Go to bed. In the morning, jostle the headband, shaking out your hair until it all comes lose (this can be a little finicky, especially if your hair is really long, but you’ll get there).  Brush out any tangles and style. Hello gorgeous hair!

French braid
Wash hair and air-dry until it’s only just slightly damp. French braid hair down the back of your head and secure the end with an elastic. Get some Zs. Undo the braid in the morning. Brush out and spray roots with dry shampoo and style. Yay, beach waves!

Apply curl cream to dry or almost-dry hair. Part hair in the middle and divide into two sections - one section goes over each shoulder. At your temple, start twisting a one-inch strand of hair away from your face. Use your thumb to add a piece of hair from the back of the section. Keep twisting and adding hair as you go down along your hairline. You’ll end up with what looks like a braided crown. Twist the hair all the way down to the ends until the whole section is in one twisty-twirl. Bring the end of twisted hair up to the top of the head. Fasten with a couple of small butterfly clips or bobby pins. Do the same on the other side. Now get some beauty rest. In the morning, release the clips and finger-comb your hair. You’ll have amazing tresses with minimal work.

After setting your hair in any of these styles, you may want to delicately wrap your head in a silk scarf; this will just ensure that your hair stays put and doesn’t get too roughed up during your beauty sleep.

Louise-Griew-Headshot-2Louise Griew is a Toronto-born makeup artist and writer whose second home is Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not writing or making people look pretty, she can be found travelling, trying out the latest spa treatment or lounging in the sunshine with a good book. Read her posts every Tuesday and Friday on Slice.ca and for beauty and travel tips follow her on Twitter @LouiseGriew.