A Stranger in My Home

A Stranger in My Home

Episode Description


It’s 2006, and Mickey Widmer and her boyfriend Darnell Mears have just moved into a friendly Minnesota trailer park outside St. Peter. They’re looking for a fresh start… And a welcoming community in which to raise Mickey’s young daughter.

Mickey, age 19, is especially outgoing, and it doesn’t take long for the bubbly young woman to be on a first-name basis with most of her neighbors… Including the reclusive 50-something Rick Taber, who lives with his elderly aunt for whom he acts as a caretaker.

Then Rick’s aunt suddenly dies, and Mickey welcomes Rick into the Widmer family. But soon there’s tension brewing between Rick and Darnell over Mickey’s affection, and who will ultimately play the role of daddy to her daughter. And sometimes, when neighbors grow too close for comfort, lines are crossed. Boundaries are blurred. Good neighbors go bad; and bad neighbors spill blood.

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