A Stranger in My Home

A Stranger in My Home

Episode Description


A mysterious millionaire named Al Kowalski rolls into town in one of his collector muscle cars. He’s a newcomer to this part of Hill Country, Texas—and his goal is to spend his early retirement fixing up his vintage vehicles, and hunting for big game in the surrounding countryside.

He pays outright for a majestic three-story rural home on that juts out of a steep precipice and offers sweeping views of the pristine countryside… Filling the property with his collections of arrowheads, long-range rifles, and animal heads ranging from buffalo to bushbuck.

But when Al welcomes a meth-addicted mechanic named Charlie Tidwell into his dream home, Charlie in turn invites a whole slew of party animals—and trouble—into Al’s life. And before long, this neck of the woods will play host to a big game hunt of a new, and horrifying kind…

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