A Stranger in My Home

A Stranger in My Home

Episode Description


Michelle Herndon is anthropology student studying at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She has an active student life and a bright future. Michelle’s tight budget only permits her to live in a small house off campus. Her best friend Jessica, on the other hand, lives in a large house that’s a student hub with a revolving door of roommates.

In the summer of 2005 Jessica places an ad in the student newspaper to find a roommate for the upcoming year. A small nursing student with dark hair answers the ad and seems like a good fit.  He’s a nursing professional, a little on the quiet side but seems perfectly nice.

When Michelle notices he seems isolated and has few friends she takes him under her wing and invites him into her home. This gesture will result in an insidious act of violence that will shatter the lives of friends and family, and leave the campus stunned.

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