A Stranger in My Home

A Stranger in My Home

Episode Description

Evil In The House of The Lord

On an already sweltering summer night in Nashville, things grow even hotter when fire engulfs a local Pentecostal church. Once the flames have been beaten back, firefighters enter the rubble and make a grisly discovery: a charred body - likely their Reverend David Terry. And the last man to see him alive is missing.
But there’s more. His car, along with his credit cards, are found abandoned on the road: how is it that his body in one place and his belongings in another? And there is a greater shock coming – the body has been mutilated, and dismembered. The head? Missing. It seems Reverend was dead long before the flames claimed him. Some devotees believe the devil is at work...but police fear there’s a viper in their midst.

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