So he put a ring on it and you are in absolute, bride-to-be bliss.  But before you tie the knot (and the man of your dreams down) there’s some house work that needs to be taken care of -- namely, finding your dress.

Brides of Beverly Hills (Friday nights on Slice) is all about brides in the 90210 who are on hunt for the dress of their dreams.  If you’re going through the same process, here are some need-to-knows that can help make this a memorable – not miserable – experience.

1. Energy is contagious
In the latest episode of Brides of Beverly Hills, the first bride, Yvonne (AKA the boob-bandit) came in to look for her dress with her friends, but she lacked energy.  She seemed down, uninterested, and there was a sense of struggle which was absolutely infectious.

Sure, we all have down days, but be aware of your mood when calling in others to help you.  They will only be enthusiastic if you are, so do your best to be your best self.

The fix: Make it an occasion! Book a blow out before your appointment so you get the full picture of how the dress will look on your big day.  This will also help you feel special, since you’ll likely be the only one in your crew with a 'do!  Whether it’s doing this, or listening to cheesy love songs in the car ride to the bridal shop, do what you can to ensure you’re on your A game, and in good spirits.  This is a monumental day, mama.  Enjoy it!

2. Bond over the purchase
The second bride on this episode, Angie, and her mom, were so affectionate and loving, I almost wish I could hop into the TV screen and celebrate with them.  When the bride tried "the one" on, she started crying, shared her emotions, and even began clapping and dancing with her friends.

Don’t be afraid to feel.  We are often protective -- of our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings.  We get embarrassed and miss opportunities to bond with others.  If you want to cry, cry.  If you want to scream, scream.  If you want to start a full-blown hurrah in the dressing room, so be it!  Your closest friends and family are likely there with you helping you choose your dress.  Take in this moment with all of them and make it an absolute celebration.

Splurging; if only we could all financially afford to do it.  The last bride in this episode, Shari, decided to splurge on more than one wedding dress, so she could pull a LiLo-like mid-event change to wow her guests.  During Shari's proposal, she was admitted to the hospital with an illness, and she didn’t think she’d make it.

Since then, she's realized how precious life is (and lost a good 50 pounds to boot). I love the idea of living life to the fullest, so if you can splurge, why not do it? But you also need to make rational decisions and not just in-the-moment ones. A wedding day is a great occasion, but it is just one day.  If you are someone who is always wanting more, perhaps the best challenge is to stick with one and make that one dress special.

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