It's been a while since my last wedding preparation post, and yes I'm now a Mrs. I realized that during the craziness of the last month, what I wanted to address was some of the aftermath from the wedding. After all, the "biggest day of your life" doesn't end after you've said "I do."

So what comes next? Childhood rhymes may suggest babies, but let me tell you the only thing I'm beholden to right now are my thank you cards. I thought planning a wedding was supposed to be the challenge. Over the last month, I've created a great strategy that will make thanking your guests easier.

I know, I know thanking your guests should be fun. Let's face it: when the honeymoon phase hits, thanking everyone via snail mail can seem like an outdated and daunting task.

First, a word to the wise. Snail mail is king! There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a note written by the bride and groom thanking you for attending and participating in their special day. So here are some tips for making writing thank you cards easier, and more fun.

Fun Factor #1: Divide the list. While this isn't always possible if you can get your hubby on board with writing his share of the thank yous then it becomes a team activity instead of one person's burden.

Fun Factor #2: Make it an event. Schedule a set time each week to tackle cards. For example, if you plan to each do 10 a week then you're looking at one hour for four weeks for a two-hundred-person wedding. Spacing them out will prevent your hubby and you from getting thank you tunnel vision and keep emotions sincere and fresh.

Fun Factor #3: Get great cards. Instead of a generic card try using a card that you love. Try a postcard with a picture from the wedding, or a custom designed card for a fun spin on the classic.

Fun Factor #4: Reward yourself. Sure it can be hard to stick with your resolution to finish the thank yous before the one-year anniversary. Give your hubby and you fun rewards if you stick to your timeline. We chose rewards like a delicious bottle of wine...make sure to wait until after you've finished the cards.

Well, we're putting these very pieces of advice into action now that we're back from the honeymoon and starting our lives together. So here's to taking your own advice!

Amanda Garbutt is a bride-to-be living in Toronto. Amanda is an entrepreneur who runs The Hot Plate, an online cooking resource and recipe development company. Her upbeat attitude and attention to detail keep her busy whether she’s in the kitchen or planning her urban Toronto wedding. Follow her @TheHotPlate.