Times are changing and we don’t even bat an eyelash when women reverse the traditional order of marriage first, then babies. So, when these moms are ready to take the step of marriage, do they incorporate their babies in their wedding?

Here are the pros and cons:

Babies are full of surprises.
Because babies are unpredictable, it may be risky to include your baby if you want a smooth wedding. Whether she’s had her nap or is a morning person, you never know what can happen. 

Babies require a lot of attention and must be watched.
By having your baby a part of your wedding, you will without a doubt, be distracted by them, paying close attention to them. This may make you miss a lot of what’s going on around you.

Babies are messy. They spit up and drool. When you are in your wedding dress, the last thing you need is curdled milk and drool accessorizing it. Not to mention your bridesmaids either!

Babies want mama. So, when you cannot hold him/her, baby may become very upset and cry loud enough to drown out the beautiful music coming from the classical musicians you hired.

Of course there are some pretty great reasons for having your baby in your wedding. You will have your baby be part of the second most important day of your life, as the most important day was giving birth to him/her. You may feel that your wedding is incomplete without your baby there on your special day.

The wedding photos that will always bring back the memories of your special day will include your baby. The baby will be the subject of many photo opportunities.

Your baby will be a welcome sight to everyone as almost everyone loves babies for how adorable they are.

So, if you have indeed decided to include baby in your wedding, here is some advice:

No matter how much you adore your baby, you have to accept that you will be super busy on your wedding day and will not be able to give your child your complete undivided attention. 

If you think mom or auntie can take care of baby, be careful. This may work, but remember that they are going to be busy too and will also be celebrating as well, thus not being able to tend to the baby completely. 

Babies can get really overwhelmed when over-stimulated.
With this said, find a quite place to take photos with baby so he/she does not feel too stressed. 

Perhaps you can make sure he/she has had their nap before they are called for photos. If the photos are outside, make sure it is not too cold or too warm. A comfy baby will decrease the likelihood that they will get cranky.

With the nanny present, make sure there is somewhere baby may go when it becomes too much and baby needs a nap, a diaper change or a bottle.
If your wedding reception is in a hotel, book a private room for these breaks and for when it is bedtime.

Best of luck!

Written by Rita Wong, Rita Wong Events http://www.ritawongevents.com

Rita Wong is a wedding and events planner and owner of Rita Wong Events. Based in Montreal, Rita also plans many weddings every year for brides living in Toronto and abroad. She is a dedicated follower of new trends and her goal is to give each bride a wedding that is fresh, unique, and a personal reflection of who they are. She now shares her professional insights with slice.ca.

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