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Being a Maid of Honour comes with great responsibility. A bride looks to you for support and depends on you to help plan the big day -- as well as the perfect bachelorette. This is the last chance for a bride to celebrate and say goodbye to her single life so it’s important for it to be memorable. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to planning the best bachelorette that will have everyone talking.

What the bride wants
Although it’s nice to keep the bachelorette a surprise, it’s important to always take her personality into consideration. Some people like a wild party, while others prefer a relaxed day on the beach.

Putting together the guest list
Keeping step one in mind, consult the bride to make sure you don’t overlook any of her nearest and dearest, or accidentally invite someone who doesn’t quite make her list. Once you’ve created the guest list, make contact -- giving lots of notice will give everyone a chance to make arrangements.

Make sure you ask your guests how much they are willing to spend on the night and be realistic and up front about costs to save on drama later on. Once you’ve determined the guests’ budget you can decide on an activity that works for everyone. It would be nice to suggest everyone chips in to pay for the bride’s expenses. Just because you are the Maid of Honour doesn’t mean you need to go into debt!

Pick a theme
Having a theme for the bachelorette will make the party stand out from the rest. Whether it's a day at the spa, a night at the casino, or a karaoke party, adding a theme can really help everyone get into the party. Be sure to add a risqué element to the party such as suggestive balloons and of course any sort of naughty jewellery for the bride to wear.

Picking a location
The location for the party will depend on your budget. If everyone attending is willing to pay some extra money, you could have a weekend getaway. The change of scenery is a great way to help the bride relax. If you have a lower budget, a party or bar crawl are also great options. No matter what the budget, it’s important to pick a location that the bride will love. If you choose your local bar, call ahead of time to reserve an area for the party to sit.

Activities and games
Games are a great way to get the party started and break the ice for those who haven’t met before. This is also a good chance to embarrass the bride a little. Here are some tried-and-true bachelorette games:

  • Bride Trivia: Have a trivia game to see who knows the bride best! You may think her family and childhood friends would be the obvious win but you would be surprised. Ask the bride detailed questions ahead of time such as her shoe size, the name of her first kiss, and some of her pet peeves. You can make people take a shot if they get the answer wrong, or if it’s a dry party, you can make people get up and do an embarrassing dance!
  • Truth or Dare: It’s time to bring back this classic childhood game! This is a great way to get to know everyone at the party and embarrass the bride. Some fun dares could be making the bride kiss someone at the bar, or singing at the top of her lungs. To avoid putting people on the spot, bring paper and get everyone to write a dare, then have people pick from a hat.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Split the group up into teams and give them a list of clues to follow.  Have each clue lead to a different location in the area, and leave an item for them to pick up. The first group back to the party location will get a prize!

These games are a great way to get everyone involved in the party and make it a night they will never forget! Get creative and try to make each game relate to the bride-to-be.

Finally, while making sure everyone is having a good time is a good hostess’s duty -- just remember to dote on the bride, because that is really your #1 duty. Everything else will fall into place, especially having used tips to help map your way to bachelorette party success!

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