In anticipation of the season two premiere of Four Weddings Canada on January 8th, the team will be sharing their best wedding tips and tricks. Come back on Mondays for advice on everything from choosing the perfect venue to creating the guest list.

You have the perfect fiancé, the perfect dress and the perfect date picked out for your wedding. Now all you need is a place to host your special day! We know finding the right venue can be overwhelming, so that’s why we compiled some helpful tips to guide you through this process.

The Early Bird Catches the…Perfect Venue!
Unique venues often get snatched up far in advance, so if you are looking for that one-of-a-kind space, be sure to book immediately. When you find a venue you like, make the call and schedule a meeting with the site manager.  Prepare a checklist with everything you'll require from the venue to make your big day the most memorable experience of your life. For example, do you need valet parking? in-house caterer? wedding planner? These are important details that will help you make that final decision. Also, keep in mind that some venues will let you reserve space for a short time without placing a deposit. This is a great option if a particular place has caught your eye, but you still want to keep your options open.

Venue Size DOES Matter
Your guest list will ultimately dictate the size of your venue. So locking down who will attend your special day will help you visualize the positioning of tables, serving stations, entertainment set-up, dance floor, etc. As well, be sure to check the square footage of the venue before ordering any furniture or entertainment systems. You should have enough room to fit all your guests and service providers comfortably. However, choosing too big of a venue can be a problem as well. It may appear empty if you don’t have enough people to fill it and can be difficult when it comes to decorating.

Show Your Style
Would you consider yourself a diva or down-to-earth bride-to-be? vintage or modern? fairytale or no frills? Your location should reflect the style of you and your fiancé. Be sure to ask the site manager if the venue allows for personal decorations to be hung from the walls, doorways, etc. before signing a contract. Let your personality shine through!

Make Your Money Work for You
Weddings can be pricey, so be sure to make a budget and stick to it. If you desire a more expensive venue, be prepared to cut costs elsewhere. There are plenty of venues that are both inexpensive and can be beautified; think of a blank canvas, it’s only as beautiful as what you decide to do with it. Whether your budget is big or small, sit down with your partner and prioritize what’s most important for your big day. If food is a huge part of your life, you may want to spend more money on a caterer and spend less on the venue. Creating a priority list can help you figure out your where you should be spending your money.

Trust Your Instinct
How do you know what venue is right for you? Well, think of it like this: how did you know your fiancé was the right person for you?  You just know! Trust your gut. Remember, this place will be a big part of your day and it should be perfect!

Brought to you by the team at Four Weddings Canada.