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Who doesn’t want to be glamorous on their big day? To help you achieve the look that best suits you, we’ve put together some amazing tips on how to choose the right necklace for your dress. Finding the right size and style of necklace will take some shopping around, so it’s important to go in with a game plan.

If you are wearing…

Strapless:  A strapless wedding dress is very versatile and you can essentially wear any type of necklace with it. Be sure not to have the cut too high or it won’t leave enough room for a necklace.  With this simple neckline, your necklace often becomes the focal point, so this is a good chance to add a splash of colour. Think dangly to accentuate your upper body or something that is a statement piece. Go big and bold to leave your guests wowed.

Jewel: This high rounded neckline calls for a necklace that fits close around your throat. A simple black or rhinestone choker will complement this dress style very well.

Halter: A halter dress can go either way. If the halter is high and narrow or comes to a point at the hollow of your throat, it is best to go without a necklace. However, if the cut   is low and wide, you definitely have room for some jewellery. A pendant, Y-drop or lariat cut would work best with this style.

Sweetheart:  It’s important not to draw attention away from this beautiful cut of dress, so a simple necklace would work best. A choker, pendant, Y-drop, back dangle or a classic pearl necklace would all work great with this style of dress.

V-neck:  The cut of your necklace should really depend on the cut of the V-neck. If it’s a deep cut, it’s best to go with a more delicate necklace that won’t take up a lot of room on your neck. If you have a wider V-neck, you can go for something bigger like a pendant.  In all cases, when picking jewellery for this cut, it’s best to imitate the shape of the neckline.

Scoop:  Almost any style necklace will be flattering for this dress cut. The scoop leaves plenty of room on your neck and chest to experiment will all sorts of different styles. A lariat or a Y-drop would work great with this cut, as it allows lots of room for dangles.

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