In anticipation of the season two premiere of Four Weddings Canada on January 8th, the team will be sharing their best wedding tips and tricks. Come back on Mondays for advice on everything from choosing the perfect venue to creating the guest list.

Creating a wedding guest list can be a very difficult and strenuous task. Combining two worlds can get very chaotic and expensive if you don’t think it through. Here are some tips and tricks to help you decide who to invite to your big day.

First Things First
Before you and your fiancé start compiling a list of people to invite, it’s important to come up with an estimated number of guests.  After you’ve created your estimate, try and come up with four lists and label them  A through D. “A” should be the people you're closest with, “B” extended family, “C” coworkers, parents' friends and neighbours, and finally “D” can consist of other friends, distant cousins, and people you’ve lost touch with, but have a connection with.  As your list begins to grow, start eliminating from your “D” list and work your way through the groups.  We know you want everyone there, but categorizing your list will help make the elimination process easier and ultimately help save costs.

The Parent List
Your parents are usually just as excited about your wedding day as you are. So excited, they may have even created a guest list of their own filled with long lost cousins, old neighbours and their friends. Although you want your parents to enjoy the wedding, it’s important to let them know early on that you can’t invite everyone. A good rule to follow is unless you’ve spoken to someone in the last year, they can’t come to the wedding. To make things easier, you can give each set of parents a pre-determined number of invites. This will make them feel like they're part of the process, while limiting the number of people they can invite.

Plus One
It’s always a big question whether or not to add a plus one to each invitation. Typically, if you’re inviting someone to the wedding who is in a long-term relationship, you will probably be inviting their significant other as well. If you start giving all your single friends and family a plus one, your wedding will fill up quickly with guests you don’t even know. To avoid inviting plus ones, seat all individual guests with friends.

Work Friends
Office invites can be tough because you don’t want to exclude anyone. A good rule to follow is if it’s a small office and you know everyone very well, then invite everyone rather than singling out a few. If it’s a big office, it’s understandable if you just invite a few coworkers. Remember, it’s your day, so you should ultimately celebrate with who you connect with the most!

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