2014 YVR Baggage Cart

There's a treat waiting for travellers at Vancouver International Airport (YVR): the airport's hot new 2014 model baggage carts. The sleek carts are a very big deal and to mark the momentous occasion, YVR released this video:

The airport says the new model features major design and functionality upgrades.

  • The 2014 model is 9kg lighter than its predecessor
  • The wheels are made from a longer-lasting dual composite rubber that also improves traction
  • A new safety handbrake improves stopping ability in emergency situations
  • Precision bearings in the wheels increase manoeuvrability.

There are 3,000 carts in the new fleet and they're available across the airport for a test drive.

The carts have an attractive price point as well – they're free.

Doug MurrayDoug Murray is a journalist and traveller. Based in Vancouver, he's been to more than 50 countries and lived in West Africa, Mexico and Guatemala. Over the past decade, Doug has written for all of Canada's major media outlets (Global, CTV, CBC) and dozens of international publications on a variety of topics including travel, business and daily news. Follow him on Twitter @borderfilms


Image credit: YVR.