A crate with everything you need to build a full-service hotel room (minus, the bathroom).

A few years back I was travelling through India during high season and would often find myself arriving in these quiet little cities in the middle of the night. With everything closed, I usually ended up sitting on my backpack and spending the night struggling to keep my eyes open as I waited it out in the train station until morning.

Hotello, a clever little invention by Conceptual Devices in collaboration with the visual artist Roberto de Luca, is a portable hotel room with bed, desk, lamp and a translucent curtain for privacy and sound absorbing. It's missing a bathroom, and a roof, but otherwise it has everything you need for a good night's sleep. There's even a place to hang your clothes (if you decided to unpack)! When not in use, the room can easily be dismantled and stowed in a rolling crate which can be put away until needed - like when a packed night train rolls in.

(Image by Conceptual Devices)

I can only imagine what a benefit this service would have been had it been offered during one of my many sleepless nights at the train station. A secure waiting room with bathroom would be the perfect place to set up and get some much needed sleep.  Hotello will be presented  at the Fuori Salone 2013 in Milan by the Swiss firm daskonzept from April 9-14th.For more information, visit: www.daskonzept.ch